To meet the needs of today's fuel-efficient, down-sized burners, Webster's popular M34DK-3 fuel units provide fast fuel cutoff, and improved priming performance on one pipe installations. In addition, the M34DK-3 operates with a substantially reduced inlet flow on two pipe installations, resulting in significantly lower line noise. Webster's M34DK-3 fuel units are available in single stage, 3450 rpm models rated at 3 gph. Operating pressure is factory set at 100 psi. The M34DK is able to maintain its 3 gallon fire size throughout the 100 to 150 psi pressure range.UL listed.


Single and two stage models with 1725 and 3450 rpm operation feature compact design and field-proven reliability. These units, rated @ 3 to 25 gph (11 to 57 1/hr.) @ 100 psi (6.9 bar), can be used on one or two pipe installations. Double lip type seals assure low starting torque and provide positive protection from leaks. M series fuel units utilize the unique Webster rotary filter to minimize maintenance. UL Listed. 

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