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Webster PLC Based Duplex Automatic Pump Sets


(Models SPM, SPMB and SPMV Series)

The above SPMV pump set is sitting on a 36” X 24” containment basin.  Dimensions may vary depending on model





Below is the front panel touch screen display.

The Duplex Automatic Pump and Motor PLC Based Oil Management

Control Panel options below are pre-programed into the PLC.


  • Microprocessor Base Programmable Logic Controller
  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities via Ethernet and or Wireless Communication.  Internet connection is needed to interface with the PLC panel in order to provide real time remote monitoring.
  • Audio and Visual Alarm
  • Duplex Automatic Panel with Automatic Switch Over
  • High/Low Level and Leak Detection Interface with Alarm and Shut Down
  • Automatic Alternation will allow for equal run time between pump sets every 14 days
  • Pressure Transducer to detect pump failure and to allow back-up pump to energize
  • 6” LED Touch Display Panel
  • Vacuum and Pressure Monitoring
  • Motor Starters with MCP’s (Motor circuit protector)
  • Quick Disconnect
  • ETM Time Elapsed Recorders for Each Pump Set for Later Verification
  • Event Summary
  • NEMA  4/12 Enclosure
  • Control System is equipped to monitor and control

1.     Hand-Off-Automatic Control

2.     Lead Pump Selection – Auto/Manual

3.     Pump Status – Off/Run/Standby

4.     Pressure and Vacuum Status - Normal/High/Low

5.     Main Tank/Day Tank Status – Normal/High/Low/Leak

  • Controllers are field expandable using plug-in input modules to monitor up to 4 storage tanks and 12 discriminating leak sensors.
  • Motor Failure Alarm
  • Light to indicate normal power on, run, and off conditions
  • Remote HMI Access for real time remote monitoring and control (C’more HMI APP Download Required)
  • Advanced features of Touch Panel: Remote Access and Control feature. Send email with embedded PLC data, Send logged data to an external PC, Retrieve logged panel data remotely via the internet, and clear old logged data on a routing frequency. Unit can communicate with different brands of PLCs at the same time.




Note: Installer should be familiar with PLC base controls and remote wireless interface in order to enable all the features this panel can provide.


The Complete PLC Duplex Pump and Motor Assembly will also include…

·         Flow rates available from 80 GPH up to 1700 GPH

·         Discharge pressures from 10-55 psig

·         1725 rpm Direct Drive Motors

·         Two Pump and Motor assemblies

·         One Compound Gauge on discharge block

·         One Discharge connection

·         One Regulating/Relief/Back Pressure Valve combination on a common discharge manifold

·         Two Inlet Strainers

·         Containment Basin (36” X 24”) with drain plug, leak sensor and fork lift access

·         Inlet Isolation Valves

SPMB and SPMV Pump Selection Table


External Relief or Regulating Valve Required. The RV3003 is mounted to the discharge manifold on the DA package



Supply Pump and Motor Code Breakdown













Examples: SPM-50AT2R213…SPMB-50AT59BR…SPMV-100BT086K-DA…SPMV-50BT086K-DA-PLC










Basic Prefix

Pump Head


Motor HP

Motor Phase

Motor Enclosure



No Letter or

Supply Pump & Motor



.25=1/4 hp



Pump Head


Blank = Single


No Letter-Standard


500=5 hp

A=1 Phase B=3 Phase

E- Explosion Proof

P/N Prefix


DA = Duplex










DM = Duplex Manual





50 or 60 cy.





PLC Control Panel


B-V-No Letter


.25 - 500

A, B or X

T, O or E

Pump #


Blank, DA, DA-PLC

 or DM




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