With The PLC Based Oil Management Control Panel


How would you like to have the ability to remote access and control of a particular job without leaving your office or service truck?  The advanced features of the touch panel will allow you to receive emails in real time with embedded PLC data. The panel can send data remotely via the internet to a Remote PC or Smart Phone APP. Retrieve logged fault data and alerts remotely. 


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Below is information on our Standard Duplex Automatic Model

Available in flow rates from 15 GPH through 1790 GPH. Systems can be designed for single phase 115/208/230V, 60 or 50CY. or three phase 208/230/460V. 60 or 50CY. applications, The SPM duplex models consist of two pump and motor assemblies with a pre-piped common discharge manifold. One pump operates continuously, with the second providing backup service if the main pump fails. Either automatic (SPM-DA models) or manual (SPM-DM models) controls are available. The duplex automatic series are designed specifically for buildings where a constant supply of oil must be assured...hospitals, apartment buildings, schools and other commercial or industrial buildings. The duplex pump set has a second pump for standby or auxiliary service. Furnished with automatic or manual standby controls, the duplex automatic is equipped with a pressure sensing device which detects loss of pressure of primary pump. If standby pump is brought into service, an alarm sounds which indicates malfunction in primary pump. The electric control circuit on the duplex automatic pump set is equipped with a lead-lag switch to permit manual alternation of pump to provide even pump wear. The manually operated duplex pump sets offer the same protection as the automatic except the standby pump must be turned on manually which requires that maintenance personnel always be available. Available with either SPM, SPMV or SPMB pump/motor units.



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